Isle Of Man 


Hello and welcome to ManxFishtails this is a new fishing web site for all you   fishin! nuts out there, its free and just for fun, we need your support so if you would like to join in then all you have to do is tell us a fishy story, or any tips about fishing, any photos we can use for our trophy room ,fly tying hints, bait tips, anything you can think of about fishing, anything we can pass on to all who take part in our wonderful sport.

So don't be shy send us your experience,  

 So all you have to do is E mail the information, or  photos and that's it, simple isn't it. Thank You and Tight Lines.


Just A Club note  The I O M  Government Has asked if I could remind everyone that it is illegal to fish for Sea Trout Or Salmon From any foreshore or Jetty, and the maximum fine is 5,000.00 so beware lads , and if one is caught by accident it must be returned to the water even if its damaged or dead,

A very sensible law  I don't think!!

Rex Hunt    Sends His Regards To All His Fans.

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